How To Excel In Economics Examination

How To Excel In Economics Examination

A-levels can be quite a challenging time for the students. They feel the pressure to excel in all their courses. Whether it’s Economics or English, the pressure is equal. 

In this article, we will learn simple tips and tricks to excel in your economics examination. And we will introduce you to the best economics tuition in Singapore! 

Factors Contributing To The Best Economics Result

Excelling your Economics Exam is not a day’s deal. It will help if you plan smart before even starting your academic year. Your choices can make you or break you! So, be wise and keel a check on your activities throughout the year. 

The following are the factors that can contribute to a remarkable economics result:

Study the subject before making a choice 

Economics is a tricky subject. Many students have not studied it before coming to A-levels. So, it is better to have an overview of the syllabus. This way, you will have an idea if it matches your interests. You can check up with your mentor to discuss the syllabus to know whether it is suitable for your aptitude or not. As if you don’t like the subject afterwards, you will lose focus and get bad grades. 

Get the best books

Secondly, your study material is essential. Be sure to avoid outdated books and notes. Take the list of all the topics with you and find the most relevant economics book. Or you can ask your coach for guidance. They will let you know about the best books with proven results. 

Anthony Fok’s A-levels Economics books are known for showing the best results around Singapore. You can learn more on how to find the best books by following this link: Best Economics Book

Choose the Best Economics tuition. 

Economics has many concepts that are alien to the students. And due to co-curricular activities, students don’t give much time to their studies. Moreover, teachers don’t provide the individual attention a student needs. For this purpose, the right tuition centre that’s affordable can be a game-changer. has shown remarkable results in past years. They have flexible timings that can suit you and your schedule.

You can learn more about this best tuition centre in the town by following this link: Economics Tuition

A Supportive tutor 

A right tutor is someone who is a mentor for his students. He doesn’t just throw information at his students, but he guides them with ethical concepts. 

Economics is a challenging subject because it has many theories and terms that a child won’t understand effortlessly. And sometimes, the child doesn’t get the attention he needs in his school. For this purpose, he needs an economics tutor to ace his A-levels Economics Exam.

 Anthony Fok’s economics tuition gives his student’s best guidance for economics. Anthony Fok assists his students himself so that they know that they are in safe hands. In his economics lessons, the students learn the syllabus material, and their critical skills are also polished. He gives examples from real-life experiences so that his students can perform well in their practical lives.

To know more about him, follow this link: “Best Economics Tutor

What To Do When The Examination Is Near?

The key is to avoid stress as much as you can! If you have followed the guidelines above, we’re sure that you are well-rehearsed. When your economics exam is near, make sure to do the following things.

Things To Do Beforehand 

You should start preparing for your Economics Examination in Advance. There are some necessary steps that you need to do before even qualifying for the actual exam. So, after following these steps, you can start studying anytime. 

Here are some of the steps you need to take:

  • Gather up all the notes and past papers you have, ask your tutor for the missing ones. 
  • Ask your tutor to give you a basic outline. So, that you can cross each topic as you revise. 
  • Get the main idea of all the chapters. And lookout for any confusion. 
  • Review the content, check all the subheadings. 
  • Practice the past papers as much as you can. Notice any corrections that your tutor has made on your test. 
  •  Make a realistic timetable. The timetable should be easy to follow.

Tips And Tricks

While you are preparing for your exam, try to study smart. Avoid the hassle of learning all day long. Take out time for your activities. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can apply:

  • Don’t just read, re-write all the concepts. 
  • Follow a strict timetable. 
  • Take short breaks, go for a walk. 
  • Read the material out loud. 
  • Be honest with yourself, admit your weak points, and work on them. 
  • Avoid stress. If you’re not fulfilling the daily target, then complete it tomorrow. 

Excelling The Economics Examination 

Now, It’s the day of your Economics Examination. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, don’t skip your breakfast, or else you will lack concentration. Here is how you can ace your Economics examination:

Read the question carefully. 

In your Economics examination, it is vital to read the question carefully. Don’t make assumptions by just reading the first line. It would help if you analysed the problem. If you have enrolled yourself with Anthony Fok’s classes, you will surely know how to interpret the question and answer accordingly. 

Stay in order 

In economics essay type questions, the order is essential. Do not just scribble down all the information you know—answer in order. 

You can start by defining the relevant term that is required from you. Explain it in some lines without beating about the bush. 

Secondly, you need to apply the concept required in the question to use in your essay. You have to cover as many factors as you can. You can also include real-life examples of your answer. 

The evaluation of your answer is most important. It gives a satisfactory closure to your essay. Unfortunately, many students miss this critical part. In Anthony Fok’s institute, a student is trained to answer their economics essays systematically. Hence, leading to a 100% success rate. 

Hints for your economics examination

  1. Make a list of all the real-life examples to include in your essays. 
  2. Make cheat sheets for revision. Remember to throw it away before entering the examination. 
  3. Leave a question if you don’t understand it. Complete it in the end. 
  4. Write short points before starting your essay. 
  5. Keep an eye on the watch. 


We have explained all the steps to take to excel in your economics examination in Singapore. Joining an economics tuition centre can help you in many ways. Under their guidance, you will get a good grade in economics. 

Although Singapore has many economic tutions, you need to find the best one in town. The best economics tutor is Anthony Fok; he has his economics tuition centre. Mr Fok guides his students individually, and he makes sure that their concepts are clear. This mentor is available round the clock for his students.  

So, the best way to excel in your economics examination is to get in safe hands and keep working hard!

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