How To Excel In Economics Examination

A-levels can be quite a challenging time for the students. In this article, we offer simple tips and tricks to help you excel in your economics examinations.

Factors Contributing To Good Results

Excelling in your Economics examinations is not easily done. It helps to have a good studying plan, as many different choices will have different outcomes. Stick to your study plans but also make necessary changes if needed.

The following are a few ways to help you prepare for your examinations:

Look for Good Studying Resources

Your study material is essential. Be sure to avoid outdated books and notes. Take note of the list of all the topics to help you find the most relevant economics book. In addition, you can ask your teachers and tutors for guidance. They will let you know about the best books to get. 

You can learn more on how to find the best books here: Best Economics Book

Review your Tuition Options

Economics has many concepts that are alien to students. On top of studies, students also have to spend time in their various co-curricular activities, which may take time away from revision. Moreover, teachers might not be able to provide the individual attention a student needs in a normal school. For this purpose, the right tuition centre that’s affordable can be a game-changer.

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Look for a Supportive Tutor 

The right tutor is someone who is a mentor for his or her students. Economics is a challenging subject because it has many theories and terms that students won’t understand easily. And sometimes, the student doesn’t get the attention he or she needs in his school. A good and supportive tutor would help to fill in the learning gaps of the student.

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What To Do When The Examination Is Near?

The key is to avoid stress as much as you can! If you have followed the guidelines above, we’re sure that you are well-prepared. When your examination draws near, make sure to do the following things:

  • Gather up all the notes and past-year papers that you have for revision.
  • Ask your tutor to give you a basic outline of topics if needed.
  • Get the main idea of all the chapters, and take notes for any learning gaps.
  • Practice using past-year papers as much as you can.
  • Take note of your previous mistakes in past examinations.
  • Make a realistic timetable that you can follow easily.

Tips And Tricks

While you are preparing for your examination, try to study smart. Avoid studying all day long. Take out time for your other activities. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can apply:

  • Don’t just read, re-write the concepts you have gone through. 
  • Follow the timetable you set up. 
  • Take short breaks, e.g. go for a walk. 
  • Read the material out loud. 
  • Be honest with yourself, admit your weak points and work on them. 
  • Avoid stress. If you’re not fulfilling the daily target, then complete it tomorrow. 

What To Do During the Examination 

Now, It’s the day of your Economics Examination. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Don’t skip your breakfast, or else you will lack concentration. Here is how you can ace your Economics examination:

  1. Read the question carefully. Don’t make assumptions by just reading the first line. Analyse the problem carefully.

2. Answer in order. In economics essay type questions, the order is essential. Do not just scribble down all the information you know—answer in order. You can start by defining the relevant terms. Then you need to apply the concept required in the question to use in your essay. You have to cover as many factors as you can. You can also include real-life examples in your answer. 

The evaluation of your answer is most important. It gives a satisfactory closure to your essay. Unfortunately, many students miss this critical part. Take care to ensure that you do not lose marks here.

Other tips:

  1. Make a list of all the real-life examples to include in your essays. 
  2. Make cheat sheets for revision. Remember not to bring them into the examination. 
  3. Leave a question if you don’t understand it. Return to it later.
  4. Write short points before starting your essay. 
  5. Keep an eye on the time. 


We have explained all the steps to take to excel in your economics examination in Singapore. Joining an economics tuition centre can help you in many ways. Keep working hard and you will improve in no time!

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