Economics Tuition and Differentiated Learning

A child is not born knowing everything, and as they grow up, each child has their own pace of understanding. Some people are fast learners and some are slower learners. To help each child succeed, we should guide them according to their individual strengths. Such is the case in A-levels Economics tuition. Every student has their own pace of learning, and thus a good economics tutor would ensure that each student is given enough individual attention.

In this article, we will learn about differentiated learning and whether it is a good idea.

What Is Differentiated Learning 

Differentiated learning refers to the act of teaching individuals with different learning needs through tailored learning tools. A tutor can place certain students who learn at the same pace in the same group. That way, the economics tutor will make sure to adopt the right method of teaching for each group. The slower students get more time from the tutors, and the faster students can benefit from learning at their own pace too. However, differentiated learning doesn’t only refer to speed. The knowledge that the tutors provide is also delivered differently. The students with a weaker foundation in economics may need simple examples to understand more complicated concepts.

Students From Different Learning Backgrounds

In Singapore, there are many types of economics tuition centres available. Anthony Fok from JCEconomics ensures that every student gets the individual attention they need. Mr Fok takes the time to get to know his students and and stays in touch with them even after the lessons. As a result, he produces one of the best results in Singapore.

Feasibility of differentiated learning in Economics Tuition 

Tuition centres often require a lot of space and time to group students into classrooms. Sometimes the tutor spends extra time just managing the classroom set up for the students. A dedicated tutor would offer help to his students via online resources as well. Mr Fok from JC Economics is able to review his students’ essays and give personalised feedback even after their tuition sessions. Students can thus gain more help and confidence for their examinations, as they can then understand which areas they need to improve on. 

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