Effect of Singapore’s Meritocracy on Economics Tuition

The education system of Singapore involves around meritocracy system. What does it mean? The meritocracy system means that the teachers judge the students according to their educational abilities, rather than personal liking: the better you score in examination, the better opportunities there will be at work. As a result, it has raised the trend of economics tuition in Singapore

In this article, we will discuss facts and figures revolving around tuition. Moreover, we will learn the effect of Singapore’s meritocracy on economics tuition. 

Facts and Figures on Economics Tuition

Let us have a look at the facts and figures regarding tuition in Singapore. Of every ten students, seven of them are enrolled in a tuition center. Moreover, the families in Singapore spend a whooping amount of $1.1billion on tuition yearly. Many students enroll themselves for economics tuition too. They don’t want to risk scoring average grades, as everyone wants the best. 

So, how is the rise in economics tuition related to the meritocracy system:

Path to Success 

The merit system gives the ability to the less privileged families to bring their children upfront. Many families try to save some money to spend on private tuition for their children. They know that the only way to succeed is through scoring as best grades as possible. Fortunately, some tuition centers in Singapore like JC Economics Tuition centre by Anthony Fok are lighter on the pocket. This shows that tutors like Anthony Fok genuinely care for the students. If the parents’ request, sometimes a concession is made. 

Cultural aspects 

In Singapore, families follow a distinct culture of competitiveness. Many parents compare their children’s grades with other children and take pride in it. Several students also compare their grades and distinction rates. The practice is toxic, but it does lead to better grades too. Parents spend a lot of money on the tuition fees. The tradition of sending their children to tuition start from primary school and become even more critical for A-level students who are sitting for their high-stakes examination.

Examination-based Assessment System

School teachers put their primary focus on covering the syllabus. However, it is extremely difficult for a student to focus on all the concepts and fully understand them. In such a case, economics tutors play a vital role. They focus more on the essential ideas. When school teachers focus on covering the syllabus, there might not be enough time left to practice sample examination papers. However, practicing with the right exam techniques is equally necessary to gain the best results. Good economics tutors like Anthony Fok ensure that every student practices exam-like questions such as case studies and essay questions. He even grades them and gives a complete analysis of weaker and more vital points. 

Customized Tutoring 

In classrooms, one class has a broad strength; as a result, the teacher cant focus on every single student. Other than that, a school teacher has much administration related work with teaching. So, they might not have enough time to move on with their lectures with every student. As a result, the fast pacers catch up with the teacher, but the slower ones feel left behind. However, an experienced economics tutor possesses the specialty to guide every student personally. Moreover, they have a track record of how well each student performs and how much more time he needs. 

To conclude, Singapore’s merit system has encouraged the students to perform as well as they can. And to perform well, they need proper guidance, which is achievable with the help of one of the best economics tutor in Singapore, Anthony Fok.

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