Good Economics Notes

All around Singapore, school teachers work hard to help their students ace the A-levels Economics exams. For this purpose, they prepare many notes for them. As the economics teachers prepare these notes, they are usually good enough for the students. But many still register for economics tuition to prepare for their examination. What could be the reason for this extra effort?

In this article, we will discuss the qualities that make some economics notes better than others. Moreover, we will explain whether the good economics notes can replace the need to attend tuition.

Importance of Good Economics Notes 

How important are good economics notes? First of all, it’s easier to revise the content with such notes, especially on the night before the exam. A student would not be able to review all his textbooks and start the preparation from scratch. Economics notes are precise and relevant, helps the student to avoid wasting time. At times, textbooks may use rather complex words and terms to explain the concepts, especially for beginners.

Moreover, through economics notes, students can know what is essential for their exam and what is not. When they know all the relevant concepts, they can save a lot of time preparing for the mandatory content rather than wasting time with extra information.

What are the qualities of good economics notes?

Now that we are aware of the importance of good economics notes let’s discuss their important qualities. Your economics notes may not be helpful every time, so how can you differentiate between helpful and unhelpful notes?

Here are some qualities of good economics notes:

  1. These notes should be relevant to the syllabus content. Throwing out random information and overly-detailed explanations can be overwhelming for students. As a result, they might even miss the crucial details. So, the economic notes should be to the point and precise.
  2. Notes should be coherent while explaining the concepts. They should contain links between all the theories so that it’s easier for the students to understand. If the teachers intend to explain a topic, they should provide its definition and meaning in the initial sections of the notes.
  3. Thirdly, the right economics lecture notes should not be too technical. Students who have no background in economics may find it challenging to grasp the concepts. If the economics notes are too technical, they might not be able to understand the concepts well. These notes should aid students in their learning and not confuse them further. 

Can Notes Substitute Economics Tuition?

Even the best economics notes may not be a good a substitute for best economics tuition. A student will always still require proper guidance, and a good tutor can ensure that he or she knows the application of each economics concept. The economics tutors who are highly experienced can help students gain confidence to ace their exam. Thus, even the right economics notes may not be a good substitute for good economics tuition.

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