How to Be the Best Economics Tutor in Town

In Singapore, taking tuition for A-level economics is very popular. Students find it difficult to cope up with the subject on their own, so, they head towards tuition centers. However, if the tutors are not competent enough, then it’s a lose-lose situation. To become the best economics tutor, there are a few methods that can help you. 

In this article, we will learn about the must have qualities a good tutor should have. Other than that we will know about one of the best economics tutor in Singapore

Why Do Students Need Economics Tutors?

Before we look into the qualities of one of the best economics tutor, we should know why do students need them. The truth is that the school teachers spend their time trying to cover the syllabus. As a result, they might not have the time to give individual attention to each and every student. As we know, the economics examination is getting more difficult every year, and the questions are scenario-based. So, the students need an experienced economics tutor in order to understand the complicated concepts of economics. 

Other than that, the teachers don’t have the luxury of time to ensure that all the students practice sample papers and mark them all the time. In tuition centers, special crash courses and practice sessions help the students to gain the confidence to sit for the examination. 

Every student has their own pace of grasping new concepts. In schools, the classes are larger and students might not be able to learn on their own pace. A tutor ensures that students are given individual attention. 

A Degree In Education & Economics 

It is obvious that a person can only teach well when they are an expert in a particular subject. Moreover, the knowledge should not be of a mere course, but a proper degree. We know that A-level economics has many complicated concepts that a normal person or a parent can’t teach. It is the job of a person with a good economics degree to teach your child. If the tutor has detailed information, only then they will know how to explain the concepts in a simpler manner. So, to become one of the best economics tutor, you should have a degree in economics. 

You must be wondering that why do you need a degree in education. The truth is that teaching is not an easy job. A special technique is required to deal with young minds. So, if you study a degree in education, it is indeed a plus point. 

Updated with The Current Affairs 

Economics is a constantly updating subject. All the content that you read in books is happening in the news. So, the best place to learn is also from the news channels. Students do not know about economics prior to A-levels. For this purpose, you are going to need a lot of examples to teach the students about the practical implementation of economics. It is mandatory that if you aspire to become the best economics tutor, you need to be fully aware of the latest news about the economy of Singapore and in the region. 

Caring for the Students 

How can you teach the students if you don’t empathise with them?  The key step is to care for the students and care about how they think. If students feel close to you, they will trust you. If they feel comfortable with you, only then they will ask questions to clear their doubts. So, you should try to befriend the students and then guide them. It is the formula of some of the most famous economics tutors. 

Anthony Fok – The Ideal Econs Tutor 

In Singapore, Anthony Fok is known as the super tutor. Why is that so? It is because of his teaching skills. Moreover, Anthony Fok is always available for his students, either during the tuition sessions or online afterward, he is always there for his students. He understands that every student has their own pace of grasping the concepts, so he teaches them accordingly. He is also known as the economics guru of Singapore in the way he deals with his students. So, if you are a student in search of the best economics tutor in town, you know the way to go!

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