The Right Tutor For Economics Tuition – How To Find One In Singapore

The Right Tutor For Economics Tuition

Economics can be a challenging subject, especially for those students who don’t have a background in this subject. Singapore is famous for having the toughest competition. Therefore, increasing the pressure of acing all subjects for the fresh A-levels students. There are several Economics tutors that students opt for. But how to find the right one?

In this article, we will know more about the qualities of the best tutor for economics tuition. And where and how can you find him?

Why Do You Need Economics Tutor

A-levels is one of the most critical stages of a student’s life as you need good grades to get into a renowned college. In Singapore, co-curricular activities play a vital role for students. As a result, they can’t manage their time and end up missing their classes. So, a dedicated economics tutor would make sure that they give economics the due time it needs. 

Here are some of the reasons you need an economics tutor:

·        To improve academic performance. 

In Economics, the more you practice, the better grades you achieve. The tutor will give you tests, quizzes and past papers to practice. This will be up your game, and you will solve your economics exam effortlessly. 

·        To improve critical thinking. 

In the classroom, the teacher might not be able to give the individual attention a student needs. The tutor would encourage you to think critically. It is essential for essay type questions in economics examination. 

·        Overcome your learning disability 

Sometimes a student needs special attention. If you are one, you don’t need to shy away. With the right guidance, whatever your speed may be. You will succeed in your economics examination. You just need the right tutor, you can work hard on you and prepare you for it. 

·        For constant support

A regular school teacher is confined to your classroom. You might not be able to reach them out throughout the revision session. However, your tutor is going to be your constant support. You will be able to reach him seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. You just need the right tutor!

·        To get direct feedback.

Lastly, but most importantly, every student is an individual identity. And has different weak areas. The best thing to get an economics tutor is that he will give you personalised feedback. Therefore, making you feel confident in your best skills and encouraged to work hard on your weaker concepts. 

Qualities Of The Right Tutor For Economics 

Parents spend a lot of money to get their children in the right schools. Moreover, they are in a constant search to find the right tuition as well. If the tutor makes no difference in the result, then it’s heartbreaking for the parents. 

Students have a lot of pressure in A-levels to ace the examinations. And a lot of it depends on the right tutor. When it comes to economics, we have listed a few qualities a tutor should have :

·       Availability  

The difference between a regular teacher and an economics tutor is that a typical teacher doesn’t give individual attention. In comparison, a tutor has to be there for his students, guiding each child as per his needs. This can be done through private meetings or e-mails. When a tutor is always available for his students, they still get their concepts right even when they are studying at home. As a result, they will appear for their economics examination with more confidence. Hence, getting the best grades.

·       Understands Individuality

An economics tutor should be patient with his students. Every student has his speed of grasping the concepts. So, he understands the pace of each pupil and works with him accordingly. The right tutor will give separate feedback to every student. And discuss the student’s weak concepts individually.

·       Record 

A Student should check the record result of the tutor before choosing him as his mentor. He can check the website or visit the economics tuition branch to know the last results. Therefore, the student will know whether the alumni were satisfied or no.  

·       Activity-based teaching

Activity-based learning is the key! Economics has many concepts that a tutor can explain through presentations. Moreover, He should train the students not just for the A-levels exam. But for their practical lives as well. 

·       Dedication 

Good economics never gives up on his students. He doesn’t discriminate between bright and dull students. Furthermore, He takes all his students as a challenge and helps them to succeed. 

·       Qualification 

The right economics tutor should be qualified enough to teach the students. He should have a degree in economics as well as education. A tutor who has researched economics can be the most beneficial for the students as he would know each theory of economics and how to make it understand most effortlessly. 

Where To Find The Best Economics Tutor In Singapore 

Now, the question arises, where can you find the right tutor in Singapore? The answer is simple! Who else can be the right option other than the “Super Tutor” of Singapore? Yes, he is none other than Anthony Fok!

Anthony Fok is the best tutor of economics in Singapore. He has proved to be the right choice by giving proof of excellent A-levels results. It is not just his unmatchable qualification, but his love for the students. Mr Fok is his students’ inspiration. 

He runs his economics tuition centre in Singapore. His methodology is to help the students master the skills of economics. Moreover, his tuition is affordable for his students, unlike other rip-offs economics tuition centres. 

According to Anthony Fok, there are millions of economics tutors in Singapore but what makes him unique is his devotion and hard work. His ability to never stop believing in his students, and being there for them 24*7!


In Singapore, several students find it challenging to grasp the theories of economics.  So, they do not find their classrooms enough to get good grades. They are in a constant search to find the right economics tutor. A tutor that is affordable and the best one in town. Previous students of Anthony Fok, swear by his teaching skills and his knowledge in economics. Follow this link to know more about the best economics tutor in Singapore. Now, you know how to, and where to find the right economics tutor in Singapore. Your journey of success is just a click away!

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