Economics Tuition- The Evolution

Today, it is quite common to hear of students attending economics tuition in Singapore. The question is, how did it become so common? When GCE ‘A’ Level was introduced many years ago, economics tuition was not so popular during that time. However, as time passed, more and more parents started sending their children to economics tuition. Perhaps this is because the difficulty level of the examination has increased. 

In this article, we will discuss the historical timeline of economics tuition in Singapore.

In the early years of the Cambridge A level examinations, the Economics examination was relatively straight forward, and the questions were easier. Students didn’t need economics tuition at that time. The syllabus content could easily be found in school notes or economics textbooks; hence, additional notes were not really necessary.

Over the years, the examination questions got harder and harder. Many students do not have a thorough understanding of the concepts and thus could not apply them to the economics case study and essay questions. The economics examination questions were no longer straightforward. There were more application questions in the examination. As a result, more and more students started joining economics tuition classes for extra guidance.

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