Tips & Tricks to Excel A-level Economics Examination

A-level examination is one of the most testing times for many students. It is a huge jump from the ordinary level to an advanced level. Therefore, some students fail to succeed and become worried about their future prospects. They have the pressure to ace all the subjects and at the same time, manage their co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities are essential to strengthen their university application. As a result, students look for proper guidance that can show them the right way. So, what is the right technique to excel in these difficult exams? Why is economics more challenging than other subjects?

In this article, we will learn the tips and tricks to successfully pass the economics examination with the best possible grades and where to look for help in economics when you need one.

Difficulties Faced By The Students 

Before we go into the solution, we must know exactly what problems do the students face. First of all, most of the students taking A level economics have never studied economics previously in their academic lives during secondary school or junior high school. Economics is an all-new subject for many of them. Therefore, they have no basic foundational knowledge regarding the subject of economics.

Other than Economics, in A-levels, there are other subjects to deal with as well. Students get confused on how to allocate their time accordingly. They lack self-assessment and don’t realize how much time they require for each subject. In the end, they haven’t mastered any of the subjects well enough. 

The competition in Singapore is increasing day by day. Students set even higher records every year to break. Therefore, the junior batch feels pressured and fear that they won’t fulfill the standards. 

Last but not the least, A-levels economics is not an easy subject. The examiners don’t ask straightforward questions. Hence, a lot of practice is required to score well in A level economics. 

Economics Notes and Resources 

Having good material to prepare for your economics examination is essential. For instance, if you have a book of elementary economics and it has many concepts in detail, it might be surprising that the book might not help you much. Why is that so? Because the course outline of A-level economics examination marks some concepts more important than the others. So focusing on the crucial points is necessary in order to succeed. If you use any random book, there is a high probability that you might end up wasting your time altogether. And in the end, you might not succeed. However, if you take notes and resource books from a well-known and experienced economics tutor, you can possibly achieve high grades. 

Sample Economics Examination Papers 

If you ask the most successful people in the world, they will tell you that the key to success is practice, practice, and practice. But the practice should be in the right direction, otherwise, it’s of no use. The best way to score in the A-level economics examination is to work on the model essays and sample examination papers. You can do practice more essay questions under the guidance of your economics tutor. In schools, teachers are pressured to complete the whole syllabus in time so they might not have time to mark additional essays for you. But in economics tuition centers, the tutors have more time to focus on your individual needs and support you in every possible way.

Economics Tuition 

The best solution is to register yourself for economics tuition. How is this going to help you? In Singapore, many JC students go to economics tuition classes for proper guidance. Here, we have made things even easier for you. Attending JC economics tuition classes conducted by Anthony Fok is exactly what you need. Anthony Fok personally tutors the students and genuinely cares about their future. Moreover, he has publications that consists of the relevant materials that you require for the examination. He is 24/7 available for his students; even after the session, if you send him your essays to mark, he will analyze them for you at no extra charge! So, register with him to excel in the economics examination, today!

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