A Level H1 Economics

Have you taken Economics as your core subject in A-levels? Do you feel the pressure to ace all the subjects at once? We are here to help you with everything you want to know about H1 economics!

Firstly, let’s have an introduction to A-levels JC Economics. The examiners expect the candidates to analyse economic issues and arguments, evaluate the information and organise and communicate the ideas. The curriculum covers fundamental economics ideas, and it includes concepts of market structure, demand and supply,  inflation, unemployment, balance of payment, international trade and exchange rates. Students learn both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

In this article, we will discuss H1 Economics and how Anthony Fok offers help in this subject via his renowned Economics tuition in Singapore.

What Is H1 Economics

A-levels H1 economics is the short form of “Higher1” economics. Students have a choice between H1 and H2 economics. However, one of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to study less for H1 economics. The truth is that both disciples have the same curriculum and topics to cover. Moreover, there is no change in aims and assessment objectives as well. The difference is only of the paper pattern; In H1 Economics, students have to attend paper1 only. It consists of two compulsory case-study questions.

Aims Of H1 Economics

H1 Economics requires a broad understanding of the discipline. Moreover, this is possible with half of the curriculum time of H2 Economics. Students expect to learn how to deal with the standard economics policies of everyday life. Students are supposed to learn from the perspective of economics agents. Here are some of the aims of the curriculum of H1 economics and what does it expect from the candidates:

1. Understanding of fundamental economics concepts 
H1 Economics expects the candidate to have a basic understanding of fundamental economics concepts. Similarly, they need to have the knowledge of tools and principles of economics.

2. Identifying Economics issues and reasonings

The aim is that students know how to use economics tools. They identify the economic issues from the perspective of agents. And use the reasoning for the relevant analysis.

3. Critical reading 

Candidates should develop the habit of critical reading. Therefore, they should be able to make an analysis and identify the changing economic policies of the world. For instance, analysis of the issues nationally and internationally.

4. Well reasoned economics arguments

Students should have the ability to use substantiation in making well-reasoned economic arguments to arrive at relevant and wise decisions.

Assessment Goals of H1 Economics

Candidates should expect to be assessed on the following points:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the economic policies and concepts
  2. Interpretation and evaluation of the data available. For instance, in the form of text, graphs, and numerical data.
  3. Application and analysis of economic theories are essential. Moreover, have an opinion on contemporary issues and economic policies.

Robust evaluation of all the arguments the student proposes.

Examination Pattern And Curriculum of H1 Economics

H1 economics has in total 90 marks and duration is three hours. It consists of the only paper1, unlike H2 economics. Candidates have to solve 2 case studies of equal weightage. The examiners will mark the candidates on all the assessment goals mentioned above.

The curriculum of H1 economics includes three main themes. First is the central economic problem. It contains chapters like concepts and tools of analysis and central financial issues. Then comes the theme of Markets. Students should know how to understand the market forces of demand and supply strategy to bring the market equilibrium.

Similarly, it includes price mechanism and market failures as one of the main chapters. Third and the last theme is The national economy. Students should be able to understand the different economic issues faced by the economies. What are the challenges of economic agents? And learn how to evaluate these answers properly. Some of the main topics of the third theme are Macroeconomics and standard of living.


Although H1 and H2 economics have similar content, its pattern is different.

When it comes to H1 economics, the problem is that it is not considered a separate subject from H2 economics. Often, in schools, these subjects are not taught individually—however, this not an issue. The issue is that due to a difference in the pattern, both subjects have different past papers and practice questions. So, it is a wise decision to combine the class, but individual dealing is essential. Every student from H1 economics should only have to practise tests from their specific pattern. To avoid wasting time and energy.


Now, every student must have had the same question in their mind. How to have individual attention for H1 economics? Who teaches most efficiently?
The solution is in getting a tutor for yourself—a tutor who offers separate practice tests for H1 and H2 economics. Hence, saving a lot of your time and effort.
You should make sure that the tutor is supportive. He should be available seven days a week to clear the basic concepts of economics. Most importantly, choose a tutor who can give you personalised remarks on your weaker and more critical points. So, do some research, check the record, and then make a decision.

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