Dear Parents/Students,

Mastering economics is no easy feat, but I endeavour to help all my students excel in their national examinations with the help of my personalised and student-centric tuition lessons. No matter the current level of knowledge in economics, I am able to simplify complex concepts through easy-to-understand and relatable analogies. Students will be taught to understand the economics concepts, and not merely memorise them. They will also learn how to identify key economics terms and question types to determine what concepts to apply. Through my lessons, I will help them see how various topics are interconnected via mind maps and also how to score maximum marks by writing good evaluation points.

My lessons focus heavily on helping every individual student score better in their examinations. Throughout the past 15 years of teaching economics, I have identified almost all possible combinations of question types in each topic that will be tested in an economics examination. This comes from experience and hard work. Instead of repeatedly practicing the same type of questions, students can save an enormous amount of time by focusing on the types of questions that would commonly appear in the examinations. I am a one-man show tutor, a boutique tuition centre focusing only on economics tuition. I am confident of my knowledge and teaching abilities and hundreds of students have succeeded in achieving their desired results with my help. I hope that you too will consider acing your economics examinations with me.

Warm regards,
Anthony Fok