Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to know more about JC Economics Education Centre.

Our Principal Economics tutor, Mr Anthony Fok, always weaves in real-life examples and analogies to help the students remember concepts in a simpler and more engaging way. He also analyses the test and examination scripts of all students to give them personalised feedback on how to improve further.

The tutor has a strong network of professional connections who are teaching in MOE schools and in the National Institute of Education (NIE). Economics tuition lessons are continually updated and aligned with the content and examination format changes.

A typical economics lesson includes the teaching of concepts, reviewing assignments, and going through past-year papers. A mixture of teaching strategies such as cooperative learning, inquiry-based instruction, differentiation, and technology in education is employed during the lesson.

For students who are either shy or are unable to ask questions during class, they are encouraged to ask any questions via WhatsApp directly to the economics tutor. For questions that require face-to-face clarifications such as the drawing of economics diagrams, the tutor will arrange a consultation session instead.

Students are encouraged to attend classes consistently and avoid missing classes. Should the student miss a scheduled lesson, he/she may attend a make-up class for the same subject, at any other timing and branch (subject to availability). There will be no refund or pro-rating of course fees for missed lessons, regardless of reasons for absence. All lessons are also recorded, and students can request for the recorded videos if they miss a particular class.  

The student does not need to buy any guidebooks or ten-year series books as the tutor has notes that are more than sufficient for them to do well in the economics examinations. JC Economics Education Centre also has various examination papers, including A level and IB papers with solutions.

We do not conduct trial lessons for students, as we do not believe that a student can benefit greatly from one single lesson. Instead, the student can try out for at least 4 lessons.

Many home tutors do not have lesson plans and are part-timers who might not have taught economics before. In comparison, joining a tuition centre with a full-time economics tutor who specialises in the subject will ensure that there is a planned scheme of work. Worksheets and notes are also specially prepared and crafted by the full-time economics tutor to ensure the best for your child.

Students do not have to wait until work is assigned to hand up work to be marked; essays and case study practices can be submitted at any time and they will be marked within a week and returned to students with feedback for improvement.

In our economics tuition classes, students do feel that they are able to get personalised attention as the tutor constantly engages them during lessons. Students can also ask questions anytime during the lessons or stay behind after class to clarify any doubts they may have.

Yes. All Economics tuition classes are fully taught by Anthony Fok.

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