Economics Tuition – Is There Still Time for Other Subjects

A-levels is a difficult time for many students. They often feel pressurised to excel in all the subjects. Without enough time or guidance, they may be unable to excel in every subject. Some turn to tuition centres to get a best economics tuition for their studies. But will they still have time for their other subjects?

Students’ Views On Economics Tuition 

In recent years, external exams in Singapore have become trickier and harder to score. Students may have opted for more tuition time to help them get their As. However, with more tuition time for certain subjects, other subjects may be neglected due to the time spent in the tuition centre or travelling to and fro the centre.

Economics Tuition Does Spare Time For Other Subjects 

It is beneficial for a student to spend time with an economics tutor to brush up on their concepts. This may not always take more time away from other subjects.

Economics can be a tricky subject for first-timers. They might find it challenging to grasp complicated concepts. A good tutor can explain the theories as well as the application of those theories. If a student were studying my himself or herself, he may spend more time trying to make sense of the difficult concepts instead. If the student takes economics tuition, they can learn how to be more efficient with their time. As a result, more time can be given to other subjects. 

Make it More Effective!

So, we advise students to start taking economics tuition from the beginning of their JC level. So that they will have more time for other subjects in the future. This helps students be aware of the basics of economics and be more confident in their revision. 

If you have decided to take economics tuition, there are great options available. JCEconomics by Anthony Fok ensures that students are given the attention they need to excel in their economics. Mr Fok uses the most effective ways to teach economics and explains all the economics concepts with actual examples, making it easier for the students. And this is the reason he is known as the economics guru of Singapore

So, register yourself now! Ace economics exam and save time for other subjects as well!

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