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One of the most important components of A-levels Economics is the writing style. Most economics students fear two things while attempting the essay-type questions: not being able to complete the paper in time and not using the correct writing style. Your writing would largely affect your final grade. If your essay answers are not well-structured, then you are going to lose marks. 

In this article, we will learn about the different key points for writing styles in economics and how to improve them. We will also talk about the importance and features of each technique.

Importance of good writing style

The JC economics examination paper includes essay writing and case study questions. However, essay questions carry more weightage in the exam. Students will have to be able to communicate their answers effectively.

– The Three Tip Rule

The Three Tip Rule is useful for attempting essay questions. These tips help you write more effectively and clearly.

Tip 1: Precision 

Precision means writing short and straightforward sentences. Don’t shy away from using full stops. Although sometimes it is tempting to write in longer sentences it may affect the readability of your writing. Secondly, students should always be careful to avoid including more than one idea in a single sentence. In exceptional cases, students should be careful and use transition words.

Tip 2: Perfection 

Questions are usually situation-based, and scoring marks can be easy by giving diagrams and definitions. It is thus beneficial for the students to memorise the definitions of key terms.

Tip 3: Be focused

Focus on the usage of keywords. As soon as you read the question, underline the keywords that are going to define the argument. As a result, you won’t miss any important aspect. In addition, through making links between the keywords, there will be more flow in your writing. 

Secondly, read the question thoroughly and always go back to the question. This helps you stay focused on the key issues being tested, so that your answers are kept relevant and to the point.

Not all students are fond of writing and or can write fast. So, let us discuss some common issues that the students may face.

Will I finish this on time?

The worst nightmare of every student is running out of time. Imagine sitting in the examination hall and having only 10 minutes left to finish your essay when you are still on the introductory paragraph!

In order to avoid this scenario, always plan your essays before you start writing. You often save a lot of extra effort when you create a mind map or a list of what to include and what not to include. Just take the first fifteen minutes to write basic key points for each paragraph, and you are good to go!

Remember to read the question again even in the midst of your writing. This keeps you focused and helps you refrain from giving unnecessary details that may waste more time.

Are my answers relevant enough?

If your essay does not answer the question, you would end up wasting more time and be unable to finish the paper. You would end up wasting your time and your marks. Always be precise when writing. For instance, if you wish to define a word, then write the memorised definition. 

As mentioned above, you can avoid being irrelevant by reading the question again and again. As a result, even if you find yourself going off-topic, you may still have time to correct yourself.

How to Master These Skills?

Practice makes perfect. Mastering these writing skills takes time, and once you have looked through the whole syllabus outline, try practising as many questions on your own as you can.

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