Known Habits of Unsuccessful Economics Students

A-levels are a tough time for many students. They are under pressure to do well academically, while maintaining their other commitments in co-curricular activities as well. However, students who are taking economics in their A-levels need to be extra conscientious while preparing. This is because this subject can be challenging for first-timers, and some students may need extra help.

In this article, we will discuss bad study habits to avoid while preparing for the economics examination.

Is Economics The Hardest Subject?

The answer is a simple no. Economics can indeed give some students a hard time, especially those who may not have encountered the subject before. However, it is always possible for students to excel in Economics, even if they have not studied it before in Secondary school.

Practice makes perfect. If a students is struggling at first, do give him or her some time to get used to the subject and to look for areas to improve on. They can start from the basics and gradually tackle more advanced examination questions with the help of Best Economics Books.

Poor Habits Successful Students Avoid

Some students may still fail to excel in Economics due to poor studying habits. If a student is guilty of having these habits, they would do well to get rid of them.

Following are the poor habits that successful students tend to avoid:


Procrastination is one of the most common causes of failure. Excelling in economics requires a lot of time and practice. Most students who do not do well in economics tend to delay the preparation until the last minute. As a result, they panic at the end and do not perform as well. 

Irresponsible attitude 

Small tasks, like handing over of assignments and homework, are very important. These tasks are a great source of practice and revision. If a student does not complete his assignments, he or she may never find out what their weaknesses are. Without a way to help them fill in their learning gaps and clear their doubts, students may miss out on key learning concepts.

Lack of planning 

The best thing a student can do for themselves is to plan a schedule. It is not good to either work or play the whole day. It is important to have a balance. For this purpose, students should set a schedule to help them study better. Set a time for both relaxation and revision.

Not Finding Enough Help

Every student has their own pace of learning. Economics is a subject that includes several advanced concepts that might require more time to master. Although sometimes students try to seek help, they might not find enough help in school due to constraints in resources.

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